Order of the Arrow Troop Representative

The OA Troop Representative serves as a communication link between the lodge or chapter and the troop.

Reports to: The Senior Patrol Leader 

  • Serve as a communication link between the lodge or chapter and the troop. 
  • Encourage year-round and resident camping in the troop and older-Scout participation in high-adventure. 
  • Encourage Scouts to actively participate in community service projects. 
  • Assist with leadership skills training in the troop. 
  • Encourage Arrowmen to assume leadership positions in the troop. 
  • Encourage Arrowmen in the troop to be active participants in lodge and/or chapter activities and to seal their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members. 
  • Set a good example, wear the Scout uniform correctly, and live by the Scout Oath, and Scout Law. 
  • Live by the OA Obligation. 
  • Show and help develop Scout spirit.
NOTE: This is an annual position, meaning that you must serve for one year, expectations are set accordingly. 


Expectation 1
Expectation not met
Below expectation
Meets basic expectation
Meets target expectations
Excels in position
Service projects No service 1 project 2 projects 3 projects 4 projects
Elections, callout, communications No support Some support of election or callout Election Callout, CoH presentation, basic lodge communications Election Callout, CoH presentation, consistent lodge communications Comprehensive support of OA elections, callouts, communications
OA participation* No participation 2 OA events 4 OA events 6 OA events 6 OA events, holds lodge or village PoR
Promotion of camping, high adventure, leadership** 0 activities 1 activity 1 presentation
1 other activity
1 presentation
2 activities
2 presentations
3 activities
Scout Spirit Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent

*OA participation opportunities are managed at the Lodge or section level such as:
  • Monthly lodge meetings 
  • Merit Badge Midway hotdog sales support (February) 
  • Winter Fellowship (Feb) 
  • Ordeal (Spring and Fall) 
  • Conclave (Section W3S, held annually in the Spring) 
  • Lodge Banquet (May) 
  • Memorial Day Flag Ceremony support (May)
** "Activities" that count include Leadership position for a camping/high adventure activity, or participation as trainer in a troop leadership or outdoor skills course.