Patrol Leader

The Patrol Leader is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the patrol leaders’ council.

Reports to: The Senior Patrol Leader


  • Plans and lead patrol meetings and activities (must be approved by Patrol Advisor) 
  • Keep patrol members informed. 
  • Assign each patrol member needed tasks and help them succeed. 
  • Represents the patrol at all patrol leaders’ council meetings and the annual program planning conference. 
  • Prepare the patrol to participate in all troop activities. 
  • Show and help develop patrol spirit. 
  • Work with other Troop leaders to make the Troop run well. 
  • Know what patrol members and other leaders can do. 
  • Consider earning the BSA National Honor Patrol award
  • Set a good example, wear the Scout uniform correctly, and live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


Expectation 1
Expectation not met
Below expectation
Meets basic expectation
Meets target expectations
Excels in position
Plan and lead patrol meetings and activities 0 meetings
0 activities
3 meetings
0 activities
6 meetings
1 activity
9 meetings
2 activities
12 meetings
3 activities
Represent the patrol at the PLC and Annual Planning Meeting 0 meetings 2 PLC meetings
1 PLC meeting
Annual Planning
3 PLC meetings
2 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
4 PLC meetings
3 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
6 PLC meetings
4 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
Lead the patrol and support the troop in troop activities 0 activities 1 troop activity
No troop activity support
2 troop activities
Support 1 troop activity
3 troop activities
Support 2 troop activities
5 troop activities
Support 3 troop activities
Help patrol members advance in rank 0 scouts advance Helped 1 scout Helped 2 scouts Helped 3 scouts Helped 4 scouts
Scout and Patrol Spirit Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent