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Scouts need a full "Class A" uniform which consists of the items listed below.

NOTE: Please label all items with a name and "T33"


We recommend the BSA Short-Sleeve Polyester/Wool or the BSA Centennial Short-Sleeve Cotton Rich Poplin.  The microfiber shirts, while a good idea, do not breathe well and are very hot.


  • World Scout Crest
  • Pacific Skyline Council Shoulder Patch
  • Shoulder loops (Centennial, dark green)
  • Troop 33 unit numerals (provided by Troop)


There are two choices:
The canvas pants are warmer on campouts and look dressier.
The polyester pants are cooler in the summer.


Get the standard centennial web belt.


There are many versions: low-cut, knee-high, CoolMax, Thorlo, etc.  Any of the BSA-approved socks are fine.


We prefer all first year scouts wear the Centennial Uniform Cap.  This is optional and does tend to get lost...


The troop provides one neckerchief, additional ones are $10 each.

Neckerchief Slide

This is the most commonly lost item...
Almost anything can be a slide, tell your son to use his imagination!