Troopmaster Web 2.0

Troop 33 uses an on-line cloud based software, TroopMaster, to track our scouts' progress.  Scoutmasters have complete access to this tool and until now, were the ones who provided rank advancement updates for our scouts.  Beginning April 1st, scouts and parents will be able to log in, see their own rank advancement status, and view/edit their own personal information.  *NOTE: For scouts in the First Year Program, the First Year Program Director, Mr. Poppitz, tracks your rank advancements using a very detailed spreadsheet and sometimes there is a delay in recording the info in TroopMaster.  Please direct any inquiries to Mr. Poppitz or your Patrol Advisor.

There are several detailed, step-by-step "How To" videos here, to help you filter by patrol, run reports, etc:

*NOTE:  User IDs and passwords were emailed to the email addresses for scouts and parents that we have on file as of April 1, 2018. 
If you need new log in info and have changed or added a new email address after this date, please contact

I have lost my password what do I do?
go to the home page for troop master and hit "forgot password"
your user id will be Firstname.Lastname (Capitol for first letter of first name and first letter of last name, period  inbetween)

You will receive a user name and password soon via an email from  It will look like the note below:

From: []

Sent: Tuesday, August 1, 2017 10:00 AM

To: Last, First <>

Subject: TroopMaster Web Account Settings

Hi, and welcome to TM Web 2.0 ... this is your new logon and password.

TroopMaster Web account settings:

UserID: first.Last


Once you log in, you may change the auto-generated password to something more to your liking (and remembering!)  :)  Let me know if I need to adjust any of your user settings or if you have any questions!


When you log in, the screen will look like this.  Please enter the user ID and auto-generated password given to you in the email.  The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change the auto-generated password and you can choose something easier to remember!

Here are the reports that are best for scouts and parents to run to see what their rank advancement progress/status is.
Your screen may not show as many reports as this screen, but the two most helpful reports are the Individual Progress report (which shows their current status) and the Individual Participation report (which shows which activities your scout has been credited with.)  If you have any questions with the reports, please contact your scout's patrol advisor.  If you forget your user ID and/or password, please contact the troop's Advancement Coordinator, Karen Townsend, at